We could use meat cody.

Hi! I'm Marie, a 17 years old who's obsessed with this show. This is a side blog, on which I post exclusively total drama stuff. If I follow back it's on my main blog, only-spinning. I can gif, if you have requests I'll try and make the best of it! <3 Enjoy your stay!
(PS If you don't read my tags you're missing 100% of what I say on anything ever)

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so it has come to my attention that today is lindkota day!!
i dont actively otp these two (i guess they dont contrast enough for my taste) but i gotta say i think theyre cute as HECK together
sweet fashionable girlfriends<333
this is also kinda dedicated to cutie-dakota because she definitely lives up to the ‘cute’ in her username and never fails to bring a smile on my face ^-^ and she loves these two vuv


[Insert a nice comment because I am dumb and I don’t know what to write (;⌣̀_⌣́) ]

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Alejandro Appreciation Post.
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"Does this Academy need a President, because the Lightning knows everything about sports!" — Lightning.

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i wanted to draw lyler with the redesign i did 


Headcanon: Mike is the goober at the pet store who has to hold ALL the animals


I found good quality screencraps from this episode of World Tour.

At some party or something

Noah: *tells off some chick*
Zoey: Woo hoo! You go hunty! Spill that truth tea!
Noah: who are you
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You tried to use Scott for intelligence?

Courtney in Veep 2/?

❝ I will. ❞

Hello friend!